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Paramesh Banerji Life Sciences is part of the Paramesh Banerji Group
of Organisations worldwide with origins in India
continuing a tradition in Homeopathy that date back to
the year 1918.

Paramesh Banerji Life Sciences LLC. is a manufacturer of Homeopathic medicines based in New Jersey, USA.

It has been founded by Dr. Paramesh Banerji who has been involved with running Homeopathic clinics, manufacturing and research
for more than 2 decades.

PBLS USA has been created to manufacture and export all kinds of Homeopathic medicines worldwide.

Its products are already being used by patients in 88+ countries as they are recommended by the largest Homeopathic Service Providers
with patients in these countries.

This is a continuation of a healing tradition that began in 1918 when his grandfather, Dr. Pareshnath Banerji established the first
clinic in a small village called Mihijam, in India. Millions of prescriptions have been served since then.

As the origins date back to the year 1918 making them among the longest standing Homeopathic Treatment provider and

Not only were millions of prescriptions served in the clinics in India by the three generations of Dr. P. Banerji’s - namely
Pareshnath Banerji, Parimal Banerji and Paramesh Banerji but the world’s largest and most comprehensive clinical research was
also carried on all these years.

This led to the evolution of Homeopathy from an Art form to a Science.

A lot more was learnt about the effect of Homeopathic medicines on the widest possible range of diseases.