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PermaPotent‬ Homeopathics by PBLS

Inactive sucrose pellets are bathed in liquid Homeopathic medicine potentised in very High Purity Alcohol and allowed to dry naturally so that the medicine gets absorbed within the pellets for the best results. Also the vapor of the medicine keeps
the pellets permanently fresh and potent.
The liquid you see is the Homeopathic medicine, potentised in very High Purity Alcohol. It is absolutely safe to use.
We dose a precise and specific amount of the Homeopathic Potency on the sucrose pellets.
The sucrose pellets are the inactive ingredients which carry the medicinal properties in them.
Side effect free.
Our products are availed by people from 80+ countries of the world.
Any Homeopathic product has several uses as mentioned in the Homeopathic Materia Medicas and known to Homeopaths.
Medicines manufactured in clean rooms and under fume hoods.